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Our Religious School

  • 2017-18 TCP Religious School begins on August 27th, 2017. Registration is Open!
  • School meets on Sundays at 9:15am, though we recommend arriving at or about 9am
    (to socialize and perhaps enjoy a bagel).
  • School dismisses at 12:15pm
  • Additional Hebrew instruction is available (albeit not required) in sessions each Wednesday. Contact the Religious School for details.

    TCP's Religious School is staffed by caring and knowledgeable professionals whose goal is to educate and enlighten children about the ways of Judaism. The school offers Hebrew language, Culture, and a selection of electives which allow students to explore various avenues of faith.

    Our Religious School serves students from Pre-K through Confirmation with instruction in:

  • Hebrew Language
  • Culture
  • September Electives: Cooking, Art, Shofar Blowing, Torah Reading/Bible Stories, and Jump-Start Hebrew. (Selections change monthly.)
  • October Electives: Easton Jewish Life; Art, Sukkah decorations & more; Nature and the Environment; Stories, Music, and Games.
  • Our Youth Choir meets during Hebrew School and is open to students from grade 3 & up.
    Our Youth Choir Leaders are Storm Heter and Rabbi Davis.

    Fresh bagels & cream cheese are available every Sunday for $1.00 - for you AND your child.
    So, pull up a chair, a cup of coffee and meet some new friends!

    See you on Sunday!!!

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