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Religious School Snack Guidelines

We serve a snack to our students approximately halfway through the morning.

When providing snack for the students, please observe these guidelines.

  • Avoid nut products, both peanut and tree nuts.
  • Avoid sugar-based snacks
  • Avoid fried snacks, such as potato chips or "cheesy poofs"
  • Fruits such as apples, oranges, clementines, grapes or bananas are excellent!
  • Cheese or cheese slices are great!
  • Healthy wafers, such as Triscits, are fine.
  • Goldfish, Cheezits, Chex mix are likewise fine.
  • Popcorn is always a favorite.
  • 100% juices are fine (Apple, grape, etc.) Avoid mixed-juice products. (Not a health issue; the students complain.)
  • Apples and honey are fine.
  • We collect $20 to allow for bulk purchases of beverages. Please see the principals if you haven't already!

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