Ways to Support Our Temple
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You may pay your membership dues with your credit card through PayPal.

Just click the Special "Pay My Dues" button below to begin!

Please consider adding 3% to your payment total to help us cover processing fees.

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Connect to Amazon.com through this special link and support TCP while you shop!
Or feel free to use the "TCP Amazon" link on the menu bar above.

Either way, using this link will take you to the usual Amazon.com sign in page, with a slight-yet-important difference. Using the link ensures that a small portion of your purchases go to the Temple; it costs you nothing, yet helps so much.

You can verify that your purchases will benefit TCP by looking at the "address bar", you will see:

  • http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=httpwwwtcopea-20
  • The httpwwwtcopea-20 at the end indicates it is for the Temple - see the picture below.)

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    Judaica Shop

    You can get a wide variety of items through our Judaica Shop which is run by our wonderful Sisterhood.
    Get the items you want and help your Temple!

    Contact Ingelise Brown at Ingelise@rcn.com for details on how to order.

    Check out our Sisterhood Gift Shop for your Holiday desires!

    Fun hats, toys, games, cards, jewelry, ritual art, etc. The full range of beautiful items is on display in the upper lobby. Just knock on the Office door for help!

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    Donate to the Temple using your credit card through PayPal.

    Choose where your donation will be used by clicking the button beside the fund you want to donate to.

    Note: Be sure to click the button that is directly beside the fund you are donating to so that your donation is credited to the correct account. We have alternated the colors of the rows to assist you in choosing the correct button.
    Please consider adding 3% to your payment total to help us cover processing fees.

    General Fund - Unrestricted funds for general programming subject to approval by the executive leadership of the synagogue. Undesignated donations go into this fund.
    Rabbi's Discretionary Fund - Enables the Rabbi to help congregants confidentially based upon her assessment of a situation. Funds may also be used for other charitable purposes, programs, educational materials, etc.
    Cantor's Discretionary Fund - Enables the Cantor to purchase Temple music, hire musicians and support music related activities and projects.
    Building Fund - Funds will be used for a variety of necessary TCP repairs and maintenance projects.
    Library Fund - for books, cd's, dvd's and other materials to be used in our library.
    Meal of Consolation Fund
    Rabbi Jerald Bobrow Scholarship Fund - Provides assistance to TCP students toward a trip to Israel.
    Jonathon D. Rosenthal Fund - This money gets donated to the Foundation Fund to help it grow.
    Foundation Fund - For the continuity of the Temple.
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