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Every institution, whether it is for profit or non-profit, secular or religious experiences the 'elasticity of time.'

TCP has endured both difficult and wonderful years. Now it is a sacred space filled with learning, music, art, joy and holiness. You have all been a part of this change.

Those who have shepherded TCP through these ups and downs serve quietly, giving unstintingly of their precious energy and time. We will be honoring two very special groups of people at this juncture of our collective history: those who have been members of TCP for 25 years or more and TCP's past presidents.

We are hosting a special Shabbat dinner on Friday, November 7 for our members of 25 years or more. There will be a special blessing in their honor during our celebratory service that night.

On Saturday, November 8th we will be honoring our past presidents and ourselves! We've survived through good times and bad. We're here! We're going and growing!

It seems to me that I've been at TCP for ages and yet, have just arrived. There's that elasticity of time thing again.
Looking forward to celebrating this amazing milestone with all of you!
B'shalom u'vracha, [In peace and blessing,]
Rabbi Melody

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