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It's only a journey
across a very narrow bridge...
Craig Taubman

So it is with Life. It is a journey and we may think that we know where we are going and how we are getting there, but it's never quite that simple. There are twists, turns and unexpected events.

This month my family and I will be journeying to Florence, Italy to join our daughter Annelise for a week of exploration and learning. I have always dreamed of traveling internationally with our children and am thrilled to be doing so. Travel changes one in profound ways.

Passover is the commemoration of the Hebrew slaves leaving Egypt. Many scholars believe that only 20% of the Israelites actually came out of Egypt. Why would anyone choose to remain enslaved? Fear. They feared the unknown. They feared going into the desert with Moses only to die of thirst or face other catastrophic calamities. What is amazing is that some dared to dream of the possible, no matter how improbable.

Shavu'ot is the midpoint of the journey. We stood at the foot of Mount Sinai and were given the Torah; a book which informs our morals, ethics and character to this day.

Our Shavu'ot celebration this year will be centered around the art engendered by this seminal event in Jewish history. Heather Arak and Nathan Kanovsky will lead us through the paintings and sculpture of different eras which were engendered by the giving of the Torah. Dr. Kate Bullard will place the art in historical context. Please join us as we embark upon a new way of appreciating the Gift of Torah.

Chag Same'ach

Rabbi Melody

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