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There are also special services. This year, we will have an Erev Shavu'ot service on Tuesday, June 3rd. The evening will begin with a traditional dairy dinner. We will then have a short service which will include Yizkor and then enjoy a study session featuring the Book of Ruth. This study session is known as a Tikkun leil Shavu'ot. It is customary in some communities to spend the entire night in study. There are also many customs [minhagim] associated with Shavu'ot. Some of them include: Akdamut - ?????? - the reading of a liturgical poem during Shavuot morning synagogue services which has a special melody; Chalav (milk)??? – - the consumption of dairy products like milk and cheese because prior to the giving of the Torah, the Jews did not know the rules of ritual slaughter; Ruth - ??? - the reading of the Book of Ruth. Because King David,who was Ruth's descendant, was born and died on Shavuot; Shavuot is harvest time, and the events of Book of Ruth occur at harvest time; Yerek - ???- decorating one's home and synagogue with flowers and greenery. According to the Midrash Mount Sinai burst into bloom in anticipation of the giving of the Torah; Torah - ???? - engaging in all-night Torah study.

Confirmation is another custom associated with this joyous season. We are delighted to be celebrating the confirmation of Taylor-Paige Blum and Abby Salkin on Saturday, June 14th. Please join us for this special service crafted by these bright, involved Jewish women. A Kiddush luncheon will follow. L'shalom u'vracha, (Peace and blessing to you,)."

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